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in RCBinfo we provide insurance for projects listed on "PROTECTED" groups shown with sign. This means, if that project becomes scam and you still haven't reach 100% return, we make up your loss by paying you the missing amount at the end. The maximum protection amount is $100 for "GOLD" projects, $50 for "SILVER" projects and $25 for "BRONZE" projects.

You have 48 hours to request for your insurance amount after we sign the project as SCAM.

In our main page table you can see "Total Deposits" , "Today Deposits" & "Yesterday Deposits" amounts for each specific hyip :

Now by clicking on each column you can sort all hyips by that value. For example in the image below we sorted HYIPs based on Today Deposits made in them by investors :

In each HYIP details page there is a text box where you can enter the amount of money you want to invest in that hyip (for example $100 in the image below).

After entering the amount the RCB table will be calculated and sorted automatically for you like the image below :

By clicking on the name of each monitor you will be redirected to the refback request page of that monitor and you can request your RCB easily.

For some HYIPs we offer RCB service. It means if you join in that program as our referral and invest you can get a bonus for this from us. This programs can be found by having this sign :

For these programs you can be sure that our RCB offer is always more than all offers of other monitors and our monitor always stand on top of the sorted table like the image below :

By clicking on sign you will be redirected to refback request page where you can enter your deposit amount, choose payment system and make your request.